Hosted private branch exchange: advantages and benefits of its commercial use


The hosted PBX / Voice over internet protocol is to give the service at a fixed cost per month other than that it takes in to capital cost of a purchased solution.

Hosted private branch exchange is arguably the latest development in the field of business telecom technology. It is basically a technology which enables medium and small sized businesses to access an advanced telephonic system. The entire mechanism is maintained and operated by a voice over internet protocol service provider. It helps the employees of the company work flexibly from either hotel or home or with their personal mobile devices still linked to the office telephonic system.

Some of the key features of hosted private branch exchange are mentioned below:

Call swap – the user is able to change phones while in the middle of a call by only pressing a button. The caller on the other end won’t be able to hear it. Transferring any call to the mobile phone is also possible. Similarly, the call can be moved from cell phone to landline.

ISD calls – any user can dial international numbers from their mobile phone by embracing this technology. It won’t cost much and would be affordable.

Remote office – this technology converts the mobile phone or even the home or hotel phone into office phone. Every call made hereafter is billed in the office phone. All calls are directed to the user’s immediate phone and the caller id of office number is visible to the receiver.

Messaging – with this service, the users are able to record messages from callers for those calls which aren’t answered for some reasons.Messaging

The chief benefits of hosted private branch exchange technologies are summarized below:

Total price of ownership is low: the hosted voice over internet protocol solution helps the user to save on communication service bills. At the same time, there is no requirement of expensive box like structures or systems.

It support requirement is less: it is unlike the traditional phone mechanism or systems. Minimal it support is needed to run the technology. One can add or delete users easily and quickly or enable extra features.

Operating expenditure versus capital expenditure

An affordable fee per month will connect the business and employees of the user in a way that may lead to an increase in output. The extra revenue saved can be invested towards growth.

Business continuity

The ability of the company employees to work irrespective of location will keep the business running all the way. It would be particularly good whenever there is natural catastrophe as most will spend time in rebuilding.

Scaling up and down without much disruption

Hosted voice over internet protocol is quite a flexible technology which helps the user to do multiple tasks with ease without causing many disruptions.

Letting the user focus on key business aspects

The hosted voice over internet protocol solution would ease the running of complex business communication systems. Thus, focus can be given towards being more competitive in a simple way.